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Sesame crusted Kamut & durum SD- Inspired by Benito & alfanso

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Sesame crusted Kamut & durum SD- Inspired by Benito & alfanso

Well I couldn’t resist because I love kamut & durum bread. I often add spelt but not this time. And obviously not a baguette

I made sure my starter was really active before I started. 
Bread flour 62.2%
kamut flour 40%
durum 7.8% (all I had left)

water 80%
salt 1,8%

Autolyse 45 minutes, mix using slap and fold followed by 1 lamination and 3 coil folds. Bulk ferment was nearly 5 hours followed by Pre-Shaping, 30 min rest then final shape. I rolled it on wet paper towel then in sesame seeds. I left it at room temperature maybe 40 minutes before retarding overnight. Baked this morning.


crumb shot

Had some for lunch - absolutely delicious- the sesame combined with the kamut and durum - just yum! Lovely tender crumb



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That is gorgeous Leslie and looks super delicious.  I’m glad to have contributed to your baking this wonderful bread.

Enjoy your baking, stay safe.


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where everything just seemed to work.   I am trying to decide how long to bulk ferment, I am tending to go a little further with it than I have been and like the result.  Also doing a slightly longer bench proof before retarding and think it helps.

Bake happy Benny


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of a sesame semolina-ish bread.  This looks great with a beautiful crumb.  Although I've never used kamut, I wonder if you could push the percentage of it to 60% as I do with the version of the semolina bread that I make most often.  I'm surprised at the length of bulk ferment, as mine is typically 2 hours.  I suppose that the NZ winter may have something to do with the timings.