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Tonight's challah

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Tonight's challah

  my standard challah for company.  1/3 King Arthur white whole wheat, 1/4 c dark flax seed meal.

Since my husband is out of town, I fished for a Shabbos invitation at a close friend's house. He was going to be out all day, so I volunteered to bake the challah. I haven't made one for them before, and I always do a six-strand loaf for my debut. It has about 1/3 King Arthur white whole wheat, and 1/4 c dark flax seed meal.


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Absolutely gorgeous challah, slothbear.

My father used to buy "twist bread" at a deli in Schenectady, NY (1950s and 60s).  It was a year-round treat for us (and we are not Jewish).  We loved to tear off chunks.  Sliced, it was not the same.


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I've been making challah for years and cannot get mine to hold their shape.  My friends have the same problem. What's your secret?  Is does the six strand give more height?  I just do three. It looks delicious!


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 I find it hard to get my strands symmetrical..that' one's just gorgeous!

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I've been making the family challah for about a year now. It takes some practice -- especially since I change the recipe almost every week.

Paddyscake: I think the symmetry is an illusion. All of the strands were different lengths and thicknesses. I did try to stretch the shorter ones out a bit as I braided, just tugging, but it doesn't always work.

Marni: The strands hold their shape better when the dough is very stiff. As I'm rolling it (in hands or on the board), it needs no extra flour, and even feels a little dry. One recipe I saw today recommended dusting the strands with flour before braiding, but I've never tried that.

Rosalie: I agree, pulling off chunks is better. Sometimes I'll take a loaf to a family that only does slices (even for the blessing!), and it always seems so formal.

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Picture perfect with beautiful braid.

Howard - St. Augustine, FL