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Challenger bread pan in Breville Oven Air?

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Challenger bread pan in Breville Oven Air?

Does anyone have any experience with using the Challenger bread pan in the Breville Smart Oven Air?

I emailed Breville about this and this is their response:


Thank you for contacting Breville® Support. The dimensions for our Smart Oven™ toaster ovens are listed below. Please note these dimensions include the front handle as well as the rear "pizza bump" located on the back of the product. The internal height dimension is with the wire rack in the bottom "bake" position. We recommend 4 inches of clearance on the sides, back and top as the product is not insulated and gets hot during extended operation.

The BOV900BSS Smart Oven Air will fit standard 9" x 13" baking pans, 12-cup muffin trays, and 9 slices of toast.

Dimensions for all models are as follows, depth is: handle to wall standoffs, and height is: handle to the counter.

External (W) 21.4" x (D) 17.2 x (H) 12.8"
Internal Capacity 1 cu.ft. - (W) 16" x (D) 13.5" x (H) 7"

Based off the internal measurements the pan in question will fit fine.


Despite the above confidence from Breville that the pan will fit, someone else I consulted with is very concerned about whether the cloche in this oven is a good match for making serious bread. He mentioned that the position of the cloche being so close to the Challenger very likely may cause browning issues when baking. I also emailed the company that makes the Challenger pan, but I am still awaiting feedback from them.

I thought I would ask here to see if someone has any experience in this area. Thank you.

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Check out my post on starting a loaf in a Dutch oven on the stove top and finishing it in a Breville.

the challenger pan may fit into a breville, I don’t know. But to heat it to temp in a small oven like that may take a long time. And having the cast iron so close to the heating elements may not be good for the life of the oven. And for the uncovered portion of the bake, you’d probably want to take the loaf out of the pan so it has more clearance as well. 
- james

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i make bread regularly in a Wolf toaster oven using the lodge dutch oven with the flat lid. I do it with convection at 450 and it comes out perfectly every time.  There is little clearance to the elements but I am not even sure they come on when using convection


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But to heat it to temp in a small oven like that may take a long time.

How long did you have in mind?

What would you think about using a coquette (Staub) with the knob removed and perhaps aluminum stuffed into the opening hole where the know was? Or any other alternative you can think of?