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Webstaurant Estella SM20 Spiral Mixer

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Webstaurant Estella SM20 Spiral Mixer


I am new to the forum and have a few questions about's Estella SM20 Spiral Dough Mixer, please. 

1- Does anyone here have some first-hand experience with this mixer (whether it is good or bad) or have heard feedback from some who has? 

2- The Estella mixer instruction manual calls for cleaning it every day (as it should) at the end of the shift or when switching between batches of different ingredients. The issue is that it also instructs to remove 12 (!) different screws to remove the attachments for cleaning. I am worried about the threads of those screws wearing out due to constant removal and reattachment.

I called the to ask these same questions and even though this is a house brand, they were unable to answer my questions due to a lack of first-hand experience. 

*** FAMAG***

Does anyone here have experience with the FAMAG IM-10S which offers a removable bowl? Particularly with the maximum flour/dough capacity for 80% and 50% hydration doughs? 

Unfortunately, there are very few options in the US market with it comes to 20QT 110-120 V spiral mixers. Any other suggestions?  

Thanking you in advance for your comments and guidance.

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TFL user wheatbeat wrote a Famag 10 review here:

and an update here:

You can get more comments from him by putting: wheatbeat famag

in the search box at the top right of TFL pages.


Hope this helps.

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Thank you idaveindy, I will try that search.

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the dusted stone

Hey there, just wanting to highlight this thread as I am looking for some first hand reviews of the Estella Mixer. 

anyone have any experience with it? 

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I'm interested to hear it as well. Only a few good reviews on Webrestaurant, no other information.