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What's your baking music?

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What's your baking music?

Setting the mood is essential for my home baking whether inside in the kitchen or outside with the WFO. It may be stereotypical of me, though maybe not, Italian opera.  Specificity Rossini. The Barber Of Seville always sets the perfect atmosphere when I'm throwing flour on the bench or putting bread on the oven.

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name seems appropriate:


The lyrics to this one sort-of fit:


And for the younger crowd:


For those into twangy Texan Country and Western, this has biscuits:

warning: don't watch all the way to the end. (stop as soon as the music stops.)  I think the ending spoils it.





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Oh my! 

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At first look, I thought it was Billy Connolly, in his later years!


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Or if you are into Hip Hop / Rap there is "Baker Boy" an Indigenous Australian artist


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All this music seems to be pretty nice, I even added some to my library. 


As for me, I  don't have any special baking playlist (maybe that's a good moment to create one). Usually, I just choose a playlist from all that I have and enjoy it.

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The music I love is when the loaves sing after you remove them from the oven. That delightful faint percussive crackle sound is like no other. It evokes deep memories of when I was a teenager, learning to make bread.

If you are listening to recorded music, then you may be missing out on something very special.

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Dave Cee
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Setting the mood is essential for my home baking. Italian opera, especially Rossini's "The Barber of Seville," always creates the perfect atmosphere, whether I'm indoors or outside with the WFO.