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Everything sold out?

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Everything sold out?

All of the quarantine and virus mess has compelled me to start baking and making bread. I was looking around at some of the equipment (mixers, mills, etc) and it seems like everything is sold out or on backorder. Has anyone purchased anything within the last few months and actually had the order filled? Is this unusual for all of this stuff to be out of stock? I guess a lot of people had the same idea and started baking all at once.

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People new to many different activities are finding start-up items hard to come by. Everything from bicycles to camping gear. It started early with baking supplies because people were staying indoors. Now it's spread to outdoor items.

Just human nature. Think about all those folks sitting (no pun intended) on piles of toilet paper. They probably have all the baking supplies tied up too.


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Most of the things I want are out of stock until October or late September!

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Yes many many things are out of stock - but some online restaurant supply house seem to have many items and more back in stock everyday.  They still don't have some sanitation supplies such as disposable gloves for example but they now have yeast again.  Most smallware is back in stock etc.  In my area of western North Carolina we now have KA flour back in the stores.  I did quite a bit of purchasing for our church kitchen before Covid and have had good luck with Webstaurant.  I have no money connection with them except that they have some of my money.  

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Well I know that the Ankarsrum factory has had serious production problems as a result of the Covid 19 virus and I guess that other producers are in the same boat.

Having spent some months convincing myself that I can no longer live without an Ankarsrum mixer I finally ordered one on the 15th June only to find out that they were out of stock. Thankfully my machine arrived last week after nearly 11 weeks as the factory gets back in production. So yes, I think that the disruption is fairly universal but the reality is that great bread can be made without machines and with the most basic kitchen equipment so if you feel compelled to start making bread, just buy some flour and go ahead (if you can find any flour).

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Yea I really want one but they are no where to be found.

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After toying for years with buying a grain mill, the March Panic spurred me, and so I ordered my GrainMaker #99 on May 4th.  It finally arrived Monday of last week, a three-month wait instead of the usual two to four weeks. The reason for the delay was just Bitterroot was deluged with orders (like everybody else).  They said they received more orders in April and May than in the entire previous year.

I'm glad I waited, because that thing is a BEAST!  Milled popcorn for cornbread, durum for semolina (pasta), and now have my second loaf of whole wheat bread in the oven as I type this.

Good thing, too:  My 220# of wheat berries was singing a siren song, hard to resist.


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I am fortunate to have a friend who quit baking, but has some 5 gallon pails of hard red wheat berries, and a hammer mill.  My 10 qt. mixer was delayed for nearly a month, but eventually got here.  I have had it for about four months, and have not gotten it upstairs to the kitchen, yet.  We have been traveling so much that I haven't had the chance to get going on bread.