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50% Wholemeal with Raw Red Onion and Poppy Seed S/D

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50% Wholemeal with Raw Red Onion and Poppy Seed S/D

 I revived my S/D culture and made this today, its a 50% Wholemeal loaf with the addition of Raw Red Onion  added at 10% and Poppy Seed at 2%. Started first thing this morning and finished  just after the evening meal. Even had time to try some  before bed time and very happy with the taste and texture.    



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It looks great outside and inside, particularly the color of the red onions and the airy crumb. It seems the structure of onions is well preserved when added raw. Nicely done!

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Hi Pul  i was particularly pleased about the onion colour  remaining in the baked loaf and the fact that the onion structure  also was still there which isn't quite the case if using caramelised onion. The onion pieces i guess saute in the baking process i baked this loaf in a Romertoph

regards Derek

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Derek, your bread looks really good and seems quite original to me.  I’ve never seen anyone use raw onions in a bread before.  How cooked do the onions get in the bread and how strong is the onion flavour?


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Hi Benny the Onions  are similar to sauted i guess and importantly hold their shape and colour these are quite sweet and flavour is excellent the poppy seed in the dough also enhances the mouth feel as they macerate.

I have used chopped raw spring onions before too see (cant believe that was 6 years ago)

Toast for breakfast this morning


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Great idea especially if the onion doesn’t disintegrate like caramelized onions. And this is another interesting combo! Love it!

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I think you will find it to your liking Danni especially the red onion which is quite sweet i only incorporated it at the end of the mix so that it would retain its integrity. I've again had it toasted this morning with a poached egg  and it was exceedingly good!  I'm quite sure it would be good on the cheese board too.

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love the idea of the raw onion and will try this on my next bake.  Great combo with the poppy seeds too!