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Cost for installation of new oven for uk microbakery

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Cost for installation of new oven for uk microbakery

Hello, I wonder whether anyone may be able to help me please - I’m UK-based and run a micro bakery, I’ve just upgraded my oven by buying a used bakers Pride double deck oven. I’ll be going from using a regular electric oven to using this but as it’s the first time I’ve upgraded I’m a little clueless! It’s a 240v single phase oven with a double deck, does anyone know how much it should roughly be to have an electrician install it for me? I’ve had one guy out but he’s quoted me £800, does that sound about right?

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Things to consider...

The specifications for an estimate would include:

0. First verify the voltage, phase,  and amperage of the new oven, by inspecting the nameplate data.

Then the "site survey", which needs to trace, and verify the "path" that the oven's electricity has to traverse all the way from the electric utility's pole.

1. is there already an electrical conduit (pipe/tube) running from your breaker box to the new oven location?  might have to run a conduit tube/pipe.

2. if there is conduit, is the wiring in said conduit configured for, capable of, 240V ?  Might have to run new/bigger wire.

3. If there is already 240v wire in conduit going to the new oven location, is the amperage capacity of said wiring capable of handling the amperage rating of the new oven?  Might have to replace with a bigger conduit, or install an additional conduit, and bigger wire anyway.

4. Is the total amperage rating of your home's/shed's/garage's breaker box capable of handling the new oven's amperage in addition to what is already connected to it?  Might need a bigger, or additional, breaker box.

4.1 In the breaker box, is there a breaker slot available, and big enough, to add a new breaker for this oven?  again, either a new/bigger box, or an additional box could be needed.

5. Is the wiring between the breaker box and your home's service connection sufficient for this addition? might need new/bigger wiring there.

6. Is the wiring between your home's service connection and the electric utility pole sufficient to handle the new addition? This new wiring would require the electric utility to come install it, not a household/commercial type electrician.

The above upgrades are not all likely to be needed, but a professional electrician would  want/need to verify those things before establishing a new connection/outlet for a major appliance.

But, that said, you never want to be in a situation where everyone in the house "just has to know" not to turn on the regular kitchen oven while the deck oven is running, or else the main breaker trips and the whole house goes dark.   

Hope this helps.

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retired baker

It will need a new dedicated breaker, wiring doesn't need to be in a conduit until it comes through the floor but basement beams have to be drilled to run the wire. Can't just run wire unless it passes through the beams, its a lot of drilling and not easy.

Conduit terminates in a box on the wall and steel gooseneck sheathing with multi strand wire to the oven where it has to be secured properly.

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