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GF artisan in 5

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GF artisan in 5

been working on their Oatmeal Maple bread for a while.

Both the dough and final bread come up too wet.  Not unusable, but definitely needs toasting.

I have varied the recipe.

I use a 100% oatmeal starter in place of oat flour and oats, same weight 300g.
Obviously the starter has water in it.

And 1 tsp yeast instead of 1 Tbsp.

Any experienced thoughts as to whether I should be calculating an equal amount of water out of the recipe?

It calls for 740g water.  Should I drop that number by 150g or more?
The bread tastes good, it's just way moister than I want.


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If gluten formation is good, the obvious thing to do would be cut back on water. How much to cut back - till it feels right. If your a stickler for hydration %, all water should be included in the calculation (maple syrup would be considered a water - that's standard procedure. Enjoy!

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Oatmeal is a wonderful grain with loads of flavor & health benefits, many of which accrue from its very high soluble fiber content. That soluble fiber leads it to hold a lot of moisture & be a bit gummy. Instead of adjusting the water, I would try subbing part of the oat flour with something that leads to a drier texture- maybe sorghum or millet flour. Those are both whole grain flours (which need more water) so you may in the end need to add a bit more liquid if you go this route. Please let us know how it goes!

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thanks both.  I'll play some more.