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Kitcheaid Artisan ok to knead bread dough?

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Kitcheaid Artisan ok to knead bread dough?

Just got my Kitchenaid and just kneaded my first batch of bread dough. Followed instructions and stuck to speed 2. Did a stellar job too. My bread dough is fairly stiff (about a kilo of mix) and I did notice the machine slowed down some when it started to mix up and stiffen. Machine didn't get hot or actually balk but as I will be using this at least once a week to do the same thing just wondering if the machine will be up to it. Has anyone used their Kitchenaid to do heavier work like this long term without problems? Any comments / advice appreciated 

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hi Kenny!

Mixing at or below speed 2 is a good practice. Kitchenaid stipulates that for bread dough. You can also greatly lighten the load on your mixer if you make a practice of autolysing your water and flour for 30 minutes or so. 

Wishing you great success with your new mixer...

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I used to mix by hand but my sister gave me a kitchen aid artisan and I've been using that ever since. My first attempts were flour, flour everywhere, but then I switched my routine.  Now I add  liquids to the bowl first. Since I no longer use commercial yeast, only sourdough starter, I "guestimate" the water, add starter and begin mixing. Then I add the flour scoopful by scoopful. Since after years of kneading by hand, I sort of know how it should feel, I often add more water to get the right dough consistency.  I make two loaves.  i find the head of the mixer may jump up and down a bit, even on slow speeds because the dough is too high up on the dough hook, so I will stop the mixer, and flatten the dough in the bowl, turn it on again until it is finished kneading.   

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Artisan should do just fine for home bread-baking, with some sensible precautions:

Never above Speed 2  

Never use paddle for dough

Never mix unattended -- watch out for motor-heat and/or stalls.  Rest for a moment if that happens.

I've been using mine for bread kneading with no problem for about 5 years.

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I read where KitchenAid recommends not using a speed below 2 because the internal fan turns more slowly at speed 1 and this results in less cooling of the motor.