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Ankarsrum Metal Pin

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Ankarsrum Metal Pin

Hi everyone,

I'm a proud new owner of an Ankarsrum Assistant. Just finished my second dough kneading.

Just had one doubt, the metal pin that holds the roller, are we supposed to be able to take it out of the arm? Mine just came off when I was taking the roller off.

Thank you.

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Mine has never come off. Did you buy it in the US?

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No, I got it in Europe.

The pin does stop when I pull it, but this one time it just came off. 

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I have an Assistent Original, manufactured in 2016 and purchased in the U.S. Perhaps if I pulled with enough force, the pin might come out, but it would take quite a pull. Whatever stops the pin and retains it is internal to the arm and cannot be seen. My guess is that punching down on the partially visible collar around the pin with a hammer and punch could dislodge it, allowing it to be replaced without buying an entirely new arm. However, no clue what force or tooling is used to press the collar in place on the assembly line. I'm afraid only your local distributor can give you guidance.

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I tried it again and it came off fairly easy. I still feel it stop at the correct point but it comes off with very little force. I just wanted to know if this was normal but it has no real influence on the machine's performance.

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Another Girl

Mine doesn't come off either. It's probably a different model (early '14) than yours, but I'd ask about it. It's the kind of thing that could get to be an annoyance over the years.

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Mine never came off and I use it a few times every week with the roler. 

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Thank you all for checking. I just tried again and it doesn't always come off. If I keep rotating the pin, at a certain position it comes off. I already sent a message to Ankarsrum Europe asking about it.

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Ginzu Gary Lee

My pin comes out and has since it was new. I'm in US and got mine from Pleasant Hill Grain in 2012. It's a great mixer and has worked flawlessly.