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I made a sourdough baking app!

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I made a sourdough baking app!

It's called Rise and it was me and my friend's "pandemic project" over the past few months. It includes some recipes, makes planning easier, manages the schedule, allows sharing with friends, and tons more.

I've been baking sourdough for about 6 years and I'll say that even for a semi-experienced baker, it removes so much stress around scheduling. At a glance I can see every step of the process and keep myself from, say, scheduling the oven bake and a kid pickup at the same time ?. Another great feature is if you just tell it the temperature of your dough, it will set the bulk rise and proof times automatically based on the temp and the dough ingredients.

It's mostly free but there are some features/content only available with a purchase. However for launch, subscriptions are 50% off.

Currently it's iPad/iPhone only but if there's enough interest we'll try to build an Android version too.

Hope y'all find it useful!

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The Edgewood Baker

the app and super excited to try it. Hoping this will make the note-taking bit of things far easier. 

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I suspect your market is newer bakers more than those at this for a while. For new bakers it would be good to have a simple way to document every bake to follow what's working and what's not. But eventually that need would pass and they'd want interaction and feedback. For experienced bakers I could still see them enjoy the app but they'll then want the social interaction that occurs on a site like this.. again, feedback. So you could then try and build your own version of what happens here at TFL. (maybe you have in the app). or reach out to floyd and talk about integrating your app into this site (because essentially your app could be the personal blog portion of the site) and along the way enhance what this site offers and how it works to give it an updated overall feel. All that said I haven't looked at the app other than your message above. And frankly replicating the existing eco system and history of posts within TFL will take a long time to replicate. And as someone might comment - this site ain't broken so don't fix it. But things to evolve so there's that too..  Just my 2 cents..

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Timothy Wilson

Wow, you've spent guaranteed time at home really useful. The app is really nice, I as a beginner find it really helpful. I can plan everything I need in one click. The recipes are easy written and understandable. Thank you for this cool app.

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I've done a few bakes with the app now and I love it. Before Rise I was using a multiple timer app and kept a separate journal and photo album on my iphone/ipad. It worked but this app brought it all together into one experience. 

You really have to try it to appreciate the user experience. The developer puts "human" in human interface and you can tell they clearly bake themselves. Little subtle features like live syncing between devices is so helpful as I am constantly jumping back and forth between my iPad and iPhone. '

Try it!

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I have been exploring it and it seems very good to me. The pandemic turned me into a homemade breadmaker; I see that this application fills all the needs ... Unfortunately I was late for the discount ... I will be attentive to a next discount to acquire it ... It looks great .... Congratulations.