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Hobart A200 grease type

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Simone Scaini

Hobart A200 grease type

Hi everybody,

i am fixing a hobart a200.

anyone can tell me the kind of grease i need.

i finded contrasting information on internet.

any multipurpuse grease is ok?


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I would use a food safe grease.  Some restaurant supply companies should carry this.  An online source is Webstaurant.  If you google this you should find their website.  Then just search on food safe grease.  It is not real expensive $ 7.50 for a life time supply but shipping will be more.  I have had very good luck with this supplier and have purchased from them for our church kitchen as will as my home use. 

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I have a couple A120’s I use the Mobile food grade grease. You can find it on eBay in 14 oz. tubes, you will use the whole tube on the A200