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Spontaneous fermentation and yeast water

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Spontaneous fermentation and yeast water

Experimenting with yeast water. A marriage of my passions....wildcrafting, fermenting and ? .direct mix. 80% hydration with wild elderberry fermented water biga. 


6 hour bulk,  4 stretch and folds, 6 hour proof  


I also made focaccia with the same technique. I discovered this method in a book by the brilliant Italian bakers Carlo di Cristo, Ezio Marinato, Cristian Zaghini and Pierluigi Sapiente


"Le Fermentazioni Spontanee nei prodotti da forno"


There is also a facebook group all about fermented waters, but I am not on facebook.



 the crumb shot



Elderberry water focaccia 


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So it’s just elderberry water and not the berries themselves?

What’s the taste like? Probably not something easy for most to replicate. 

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I fermented some elderberries in a sugar water for 3 days and then made a biga with that water (no yeast added)....super easy


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That is spectacular, love the colour, the oven spring and ear.  Great bake.


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thank you Benny

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Beautiful color and gorgeous pictures! Bellisimo!