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Looking for Oval Proofing Baskets

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Looking for Oval Proofing Baskets

Does anyone have any leads on where to buy oval-shaped proofing baskets/banneton/brotform online that will ship in a reasonable amount of time? Although Amazon and a number of other retailers list these baskets on their websites, all of them have shipping times of 4-6 weeks, while round baskets are more readily available.

For those of you that have oval-shaped proofing baskets, where did you buy them? Additionally, does anyone know why there is such a dichotomy between the availability of oval-shaped and round proofing baskets?

(BTW, I'm located in the United States)

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for delivery tomorrow Banneton

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this is not an endorsement, nor a guarantee that they even carry or have oval bannetons in stock, but they have been mentioned on this web site as suppliers of baking gear:



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I've been using small plastic rectangular kitchen bins with air holes on bottom and sides.  Added a cloth insert, and seems to work just fine. 

Search internet, or take a walk around Walmart.  Problem solved for about 2 bucks!

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Timothy Wilson

I've bought mine on Amazon, it wasn't expensive, about 15$, and the delivery wasn't long. As I remember for 3 or 4 days. They have good quality and I don't have any problems with them. I really don't why round ones are more popular and easier to find, that's a mystic question.

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Thanks everyone. It seems that Amazon's stock of these baskets fluctuates widely. I wasn't able to get the ones posted by @texas_loafer , but I found these baskets by Sondiko on my Amazon recommendations yesterday. Thanks for the help!