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Tip - Couche Tweak

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Tip - Couche Tweak

The cumulative results of a bunch of tiny tweaks often make a huge difference in the outcome. Ask any Olympian, or any other individual who has attained super star status. Excellence is often found in the minutiae.

With that in mind, the “Tips - “ section was created. Some of them are good and others, not so much. You get to pick and choose.

Most bakers fold their couche for storage. But a 2 foot length of PVC pipe may provide a few small benefits. Simply split a PVC pipe on a table saw.

  1. Rolls up for storage
  2. Makes a nice support “wall” for the first dough
  3. Nice to wrap around and cover dough with the extra length when filled with baguettes

Latest upgrades -
The PVC pipe shown above is the exact width of my baking stone. I load baguettes side ways because I like them long. The couche was hemmed on both sides of the width to fit the exact length of the PVC. The hem that goes into the PVC slot was also rolled over (to thicken it) and was also sewed.

Won’t change to world, but is a nice addition for me.