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Choosing a brick oven - used or affordable

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Choosing a brick oven - used or affordable

I'm not saying this will be my one and only brick oven for life, but I cannot spend a fortune on this only to find I suck at baking in it or that I find it more of a hassle than it's worth.

So... tell me now if you think it's even possible. I have a deck - no patio, but I do have a flat area by the deck that I could use to put something if needed.

I can find some used brick ovens in the driveable distance.I envision making bread and pizza in it. I can and do make pizza on the grill, but it lacks that ability to hold heat as an oven could.

There is this one. I could get if for probably $750 to $800. I know it was $2200 new. 

This is new. I would just need a table for it (which I think I have something I can use). It's listed for $900. 

Or I can just try my hand at using the ooni pro which I could get for about $600