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Pyrex casserole dish in place of Dutch Oven

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Pyrex casserole dish in place of Dutch Oven

So far, I've been using a lidded pyrex casserole dish (round and oval) in place of a Dutch Oven. The results I've got seem to be passable considering I'm just starting.


Are these acceptable substitutes for "the real thing", or will they introduce problems in the baking ?


Thanks in advance.

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I often wonder the same and have been trying some alternative methods before purchasing the real thing myself. I recently  posted a blog about my favorite method thus far. Not as pretty as a dutch oven, but I've been satisfied with the results.

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Thanks for that. My dishes have proper fitting lids, so I am just using as is. The loaves I have cooked so far have been acceptable.

Like you I'm loath to buy another single-use item, given how little baking I'll be doing.

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Sune recently did a comparison of Pyrex, Cast iron and granite ware as a dome in the oven on top of a baking stone. See FoodGeek on YouTube. 
In my own experience, if you have a good heat retaining base, the dome material is less important. But beware that Pyrex rating for oven is usually 425F to 450f. You risk it shattering above those temps



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I've used them all and can definitely tell a difference between Pyrex and cast iron or clay bakers.  Glass tends to burn the bottom of loaves and as the other poster said, the higher temps can be problematic for Pyrex.  I have settled on the clay bakers, which work great.  The cast iron was too darn heavy for me by the time it was loaded with a good sized loaf.  But, use what you have until you find an opportunity to obtain something else.  Charity shops and/or yard sales are a good place to find DOs if you are wanting to keep the costs down.  Or, look for sales...I got my first enameled cast iron pot (off brand) years ago at a ridiculously cheap price during a clearance sale. I don't mind the space that the clay bakers take up, since they do such a great job.  You can also store the bread in there once the clay baker has cooled off.