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2 Sisters from the same Mother

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2 Sisters from the same Mother

Learning how make Kefir and had 2 cups to discard and just couldn't waste it.... added about 340 grams of 2 day old red ww, 1 tablespoon of honey, 1/4 cup each of Bob's RM ground flax and Anthony's oat fiber and 1/2 cup of yeast water made from a mixture of organic raisins, organic blue berries and organic apples and honey from Curtis - a local company in La Belle. Mixed,covered and left on counter overnight - about 12 hours. Kitchen temp about 75-76 degrees.

Made cranberry sweet bread first - adding additional sugar,dried cranberries, egg, etc and all the biga/starter -save one cup. No extra oil as the Kefir was made with whole milk.  

Next the bread - added about 200 additional grams of www, salt, and 1 cup of overnight starter, small amount of water. Made as a sourdough loaf with only one set of turns as the 12 hour "counter rest" is a bit much for almost freshly ground ww.

My Kitchen Support likes the sweet bread, moist with a soft crust. He also likes the soft crumb on the bread - was a bit over-proofed given room temperature - hotter than usual today.