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Richard Bertinet

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Richard Bertinet

I've read/skimmed Richard Bertinet's bread books. It would be fun to take his courses at his school in Bath, England, but I live in the US and the courses are pricey. He's an advocate of the 'slap and fold' technique.

I came upon a newly launched video course web site, on which he has a course.

It's a four-part course that I bought. The site's pricing is interesting. In the US, the course is US$100. But in the UK, the course is £ 29, which is about US$37.

You need a VPN service, such as, (also useful if you want to use UK sites such as this, the BBC, etc.) if you want to get to the UK pricing when not in the UK. I think it's worth the lower price, but I'd not pay the US price.

I also bought Michele Roux's cooking course. Also pretty good.

This discount code may work, DAD20.

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