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Hello from Julius (Baking Hermann)

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Hello from Julius (Baking Hermann)

Hi there,


Oh hi there, I’m Julius, the face behind behind Baking Hermann and the boy with a healthy appetite for sourdough bread.

My passion for food probably started right around the time when I ruined my mom’s Easter dinner on a fine evening in April ‘95. And baking? Well, I’ve always been extraordinary gifted at devouring anything that had an open crumb or a crunchy crust. But a few years ago, I’ve grown tired of buying bread and started exploring with sourdough instead. I was hooked. The simple act of cutting a homemade loaf of sourdough bread and seeing the puffs of steam fill the room with a mouthwatering scent, must be one of the most humbling pleasures I’ve ever experienced. Since then, a whole new world opened up. The trees were greener, the birds sang louder and, oh my word, bread was suddenly far more than just bread.


Speak soon,