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Gluten Free Bread Problems

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Gluten Free Bread Problems

My sister landed into the house a few days back and handed me two bags of Doves Gluten Free Bread with the request that I bake a gluten free loaf for someone she knows. No warning!

Anyway the flour came from Doves Farm so I decided I’d use their RECIPE.  To say it was a disaster would be an understatement. It stuck to the sides and bottom of the loaf tin even though I had oiled  the sides with butter and sprinkled with flour. I had another go, same problem!

I tried again this time using a RECIPE from the BBC Goof Food site. This proved reasonably successful except there was a large crack running along the top of the loaf.  It’s basically a thick batter put straight into the tin, which you really can’t work (can you?) and only given one rise.  I can’t figure out where to go. Any ideas?

At the moment my though is that I had the temperature to high. I think, but can’t be sure, that I baked at 180c but should have baked at 160 c. I have one of those CircoTherm ovens. 

Your suggestions and a basic tried and tested recipe would certainly be appreciated



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GF baking is nothing like wheat-based bread baking. A lot of different rules and skills.

GF bread is often more of a batter bread and since there is no gluten to develop, the texture is often more cakey than breadlike. The trick is to get the flexibility without being gummy or rubbery.

Try this recipe on  THIS link (about halfway down).