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Kitchenaide mill attachment

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Kitchenaide mill attachment

Hi Everyone..

I'm thinking of finally getting a mill. I think the economic version would be to buy the Mockmill 100. But now I'm thinking why not just buy the kitchenaide mockmill attachment or the one that kitchenaide itself makes

Anyone have experience or a preference of one over the other?

And is that a mistake? Should I just buy the Mockmill 100 standalone mill?

It's for personal use. I don't bake more than a loaf or two some 90% of the time. And often that's on the weekend so a few times a month at most.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance. !

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Our Crumb

Having trodden the home milling path from where you stand now, I would counsel to avoid the KA-KGM if possible.  It does not mill fine enough for most (well, my) bread baking purposes in a single pass and sieving + remilling, though effective, is tedious and time consuming and requires yet more hardware (a fine mesh tamis).

The remainder of the issues, Mockmill vs Komo, standalone vs attachment, depend on personal preference, budget, personal passion (i.e., chore vs hobby) and experience (Mock) that I lack.  My transition from KA-KGM to Komo Fidibus XL was a pleasure without regret.  I bake one 2 kg loaf per week (maybe a few baguettes this week for the CB) plus various sweets and the Komo serves our purposes splendidly.  Your decision also depends on how much whole grain baking you plan to do.  We never bake anything with less than 60% whole grain, so a mill and bulk grain buying makes sense.  The flavor benefit of fresh milled obviously declines along with wholegrain percentage in your doughs.  Bakes with 10-20% wholegrain would barely evidence a flavor benefit from fresh-milled, unless your palette is exceptionally sensitive to such things.

Hope that helps.


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Good insight. Much appreciated. Good luck with the baguettes!