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Very good discount on Hamelman's "Bread" on Amazon

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Very good discount on Hamelman's "Bread" on Amazon

My first post...hope it's okay to post this info.

Amazon is currently offering a $13.17 discount coupon for Jeffrey Hamelman's "Bread: A Baker's Book of Techniques and Recipes".  The purchase amount qualifies for free shipping, bringing the delivered cost of the book down to $27.33.  That's the best price I've seen; I ordered mine!

Hope this helps someone.


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Dan, please provide a link. Can’t find the sale.

This is a great price. At this price every aspiring avid SD baker would do well to jump in on the deal...

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(coded to give webmaster FloydM a commish.)


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Thank you!

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Note too there's an additional book promotion available at this time.  Get 3 books for the price of 2 offered by Amazon.

A search for "baking bread" finds 75 books on offer for the promotion, including titles by Robertson, Forkish, Beranbaum, Lahey, Leader, Reinhart and others.


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I've been wanting Bread for a l o n g time, and the discount finally made me pull the trigger.  I wish I could make use of the other discount, but Bread will keep me busy for a while.  Thanks again!


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Oh boo hiss- it is over now! What a great deal though.

Thank you for sharing.