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I've been bitten...

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I've been bitten...

Hi All,

I live in the Portland (OR) area (Vancouver, WA to be exact) and have jumped head first into bread making in the past couple weeks. I made 4 sandwich loafs in the last 36 hours just to work on controlling oven spring. I'm really trying to hone my craft and try to understand what makes bread...tick. I'm a former homebrewer which dovetails nicely into baking bread. Once it clicked that bread was just another fermentation process I was hooked.

I'm work in software for a living poking at systems to find their weak points, which I think will be a real benefit with trial and error in bread making.

Just thought I'd stop by and say 'Hello!' and see if there are any other bread bakers in my area. I'm appreciative of having places like Ken's Artisan Bakery nearby to sample some truly exceptional breads. Looking forward to learning a ton and hope I can contribute in a meaningful fashion to the group.

Onward and rise.

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tom scott

Richland Wa.  Spend time in Portland (except for the covid season).   Been to Ken's place, assuming your meant Forkish. Sometimes thru Vancouver on hwy 14 for a change and I like the drive along the river near Vancouver.  Been doing bread and occasional pastries for about 5 years.  Mostly sourdough.  Looking forward to your efforts.  Welcome.


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Former Portlander, now resident of the other Vancouver, here. ?

There are lots of other folks from around there here too.