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Consistency vs. Variability

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Consistency vs. Variability

Aiming for consistent performance while varying the ingredients.


First up, breads:


20% corn, 30% sprouted durum, 50% kamut, 7% olive, 1% dried basil


40% sprouted einkorn, 10% sorghum, 50% blue emmer, 15% hazelnuts, 2% coffee


30% sprouted kamut, 20% amaranth, 50% einkorn, 12% cashew, 1% sun-dried tomatoes, 1% dried tarragon


40% einkorn, 60% durum, 15% cashew, 1% dried parsley 



Other dishes are coming next:


Pan-fried dumplings (They were made so long ago that I’ve forgotten what the filling was…)


Red curry salmon flat noodles


Squid masala with upma & crispy potato wedges


Feta shrimp fusilli in pea pesto


Cantonese Zha Jiang noodles


Gouda-stuffed potato mochi & roasted capelin


Kung Pao style rice noodles with shrimps


Red cabbage & pork steamed dumplings


Killer pressure cooked taco al pastor…


…made Mexican rice with the “leftover”  


Shrimp paste minced pork eggplant glass noodles


Porcini risotto with caramelized broccolini


Wishing everyone well and good health :)


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I always enjoy seeing your posts.  The bread looks very consistent and beautiful especially the first one with so many whole grains.

The food looks fantastic!  I wish we could travel freely as I would love to try all of this amazing food.

Glad you are staying safe and still cooking and baking.

I finally go around to posting a bake.  I didn't realize it's been so long. 

Best Regards,


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that I didn't take a photo of. I was lazy about reviving my starter so it got sluggish. It still happens from time to time, maybe a little more often than I'd like to admit :)

Seems that we're all spoiled by the multicultural delicacies. Guess it isn't that surprising that most are spending more time in the kitchen. Some dishes like pizza must be eaten fresh out of the oven. Takeouts just don't cut it. This is especially true for all sort of fried food. Who cares for sad, soggy coatings? I'm seeing so many new faces in the food blogging world! 

Thanks for the compliment, Ian. It's a definitely a happy surprise to have you back. Your charming bread and garden never fail to impress me!

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Elsie it is always a joy to be reading through one of your posts.  All the bread and food look incredible as always, amazing smorgasbord.  I was already hungry and now I’m starving but have to start dinner prep.  It won’t be anything as good as what you just posted.


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It's one of the motivations for me to keep posting. Appreciate your kind words as always. Bet your had something delicious for dinner as well. I can still recall your feta chickpea salad, which looked absolutely mouth-watering! And a meal couldn't be half bad as long as your serve it with a side of your baguette :)

I've been cooking and baking more often than ever lately. Just that I couldn't find the energy and time to post them all. Although my travel plan has been suspended, I'm still keeping myself busy with lab works in my local university. They are, surprisingly, both physically and mentally exhausting.

Things are looking up here so don't worry. Hope you are doing well too. I noted that you've been quite active on the site recently. You are making great progress for sure. Now you're even venturing into the zone of baguettes! I did read most of your new posts, only feeling too tired to comment. Will try to be more active again since I'm starting to get used to the routine. 

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I still feel bad for you that your study and travels had to be put on hold because of COVID-19.  Good that your work continues at the university though even if they are exhausting.  So many have lost their jobs around the world so we have to be happy that we are busy with our work.

In order to ensure physical distancing at my clinic, each physician is only allowed 2 days per week to see patients in person, even those appointments have to be limited to only the issues that absolutely require a physical examination, everything else has to be done via telemedicine.  The upside of this is that I work from home 50% of the time now so I have a bit more time to cook and bake which is why you’ve seen more posts from me.

Stay safe Elsie and don’t be a stranger around here.


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Everyone's life is affected by the pandemic in one way or the other. I am grateful my summer can be spent meaningfully. There had been too much idle time this school year so it felt a bit wasteful... You are right that we are likely the fortunate ones already. I can't get laid off though, since I've never been employed :) 

Seems to me that Toronto is adopting pretty strict measures. I heard from my aunt that there are crowd control even in supermarkets. Malls are mostly empty as well. Hopefully all these contribute to improved control over the situation such that things can return to normal sooner. Sounds like you are also facing new challenges at work. It might take some getting used to but I'm confident it won't take long for you. Even if the condition persists, at least we get to read more posts from you!