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New baker

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New baker

Hey all!

New here and wanted to introduce myself, just started baking back in February. I was actually planning on getting into sourdough before the pandemic craziness so I had most the tools I needed ready, still need a proofing basket though. Have had a starter going since Feb 21. I also got into baking breads with dry yeast as I'm not always up to the multi-day/multi-step process that is making a sourdough loaf. So yeah what little baking experience I have is mostly with no-knead breads, made about a dozens loaves so far, some good, some not so good but they've all been edible! 

Looking forward to using the tips on this forum to improve my sourdough loaves and branch out to other types of bread.  I did make a rosemary sourdough focaccia that turned out pretty darn good but that's about it.





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Welcome Matt!

I've just gotten into sourdough not too long ago.. and i am also waiting for some proofing baskets to arrive in the mail. mean time, i'm just using some taller bowls with plenty of rice flour.

Looking forward to seeing your creations.