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20200611 Moashikisaikan(もあ四季彩館) Matcha Red Bean Bread with CLAS

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20200611 Moashikisaikan(もあ四季彩館) Matcha Red Bean Bread with CLAS


To learn more about concentrated lactic acid sourdough (CLAS), please see here and here





Today, I made a lovely round bread with "growth rings" on it. In Hong Kong, we call it "wheel bread"(車輪包). When I was a kid, I was often responsible for buying freshly baked "wheel bread" for my family from a nearby bakery. Back then, the wheel bread was either plain or with raisins.  For a child, it smelled delicious no matter which flavor. Sometimes I couldn't help but started nibbling it on the way home.


Today, decades later, the "wheel bread" has become less popular in Hong Kong. However, to my surprise, it still appears on the menu of Japanese bakeries. In addition to the "original" flavor, the unique Japanese matcha-red bean combination is also a popular choice. Some bakeries such as Moashikisaikan use wormwood for coloring.




Since I didn't have wormwood, I used matcha powder for coloring and replaced 5% of the flour in the formula with CLAS.  




Cutey "wheel bread" brings back childhood memories.





It's made in this heavy-duty mold. 





My mom sent it to me from Hong Kong. The shipping was super expensive. Fortunately, you can buy it online now, or if you are in Canada, you can check with this store in Toronto. This store is a branch of a well-known Hong Kong cutlery/baking equipment company. It's a fun place to visit. I shop there every time I am in Hong Kong.






95%  Ultimate Performer

5%    WW CLAS

63%  water

10%  heavy cream

5%    whole eggs

5%    butter

1%    dry yeast

2.2%  salt

11%  sugar

3%    matcha powder


Total dough weight without filing ~ 550g



55% cooked red beans ~ 150g, made in the following ratio (independent of the flour weight)


100% water

50%   raw, unsoaked red beans

10%   honey

20%   sugar


Instant Pot high-pressure x 90 minutes + natural release to the doneness shown in the pictures

Cook longer if you like mushier red beans. 




77F x 45 minutes





86F x 90 mins



482F x 30

I probably would lower the temperature in the future to reduce browning.







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Yippee, I’ve never seen anything like that before, it sure does look good and I love matcha and red bean.  How is it baked? 


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I must second the comment about: what is this baked in? In any case, looks both pretty and tasty.

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Thanks Yippee for adding the baking vessel and the where to buy in Toronto to your post, it is very helpful.


Yippee's picture

I updated my post to answer your questions. 


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One of my childhood favourites! I loved the traditional ones with raisins the most. Probably because they were what I was used to. My parents told me I developed an affair with raisins back when I was two... 

It has got my so frustrated that some bakeries slice 車輪包 at an angle into large chunks. It ought to be sliced along the markings! I read from somewhere that it is quite easy to under-fill or over-fill this kind of pan. Yours looks like a perfect fit though :) 

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saves the guesswork, one will get it right every time - that's the case here of filling the tin with just the right amount of dough.

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Hey, so you make a CLAS based on WW? Can you explain? I thought CLAS is based on rye malt - thanks!

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Use wheat malt, hydration 150%, fermentation temperature 38-40C; everything else follows the procedures of rye CLAS. It's just that simple. :-)