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Yesterday'sPizza Dinner!

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Yesterday'sPizza Dinner!

Yesterday's dinner!

I used Pain la Ancienne formula for the dough ( a simple overnight retarded flour, water, yeast, salt dough), baked in a 550F oven for 8-9 minutes on tiles.

Mikey Special Pizza

A 'Mikey special', this one is ( in order of construction), crushed tomatoes, italian spices, fresh garlic, mozarella cheese, gorgonzola cheese, feta cheese, 3 types of olives ( oil cured, green, and black), mushrooms, red onions, and some more mozzarella to hold it all together. This was great, sometimes my specials are a bit wet and thick but this one came out just perfect since I used a restraint with the amount of each ingredient for a change.

Regular Cheese Pizza


Nothing special here, just crushed tomatoes, italian spices, garlic powder, mozzarella, romano, parmesan. So good though :-)

Mike in New Jersey

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Mike, that's really cruel - posting those fantastic pizza pictures when it's 6 hours before I'm gonna get any dinner! ;-) 

What kind of flour did you use? I like the idea of using that formula for pizza.


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I've been using General Mills "Harvest King" artisan flour, it seems to have the perfect protein level for pizza dough ( and for my sourdough loaves as well). I was using King Arthur Bread flour, but it is even higher in gluten and I found I was fighting the dough to stretch it out into pizzas, though the KA is GREAT for sourdough loaves and other breads. I probably should try some KA all purpose one day for pizza and see how that works out, I only have 1 local store that sells Harvest King but a few that stock KA. 

Sorry about making you hungry, here it's just about dinner time, and besides I just ate a cold leftover slice of the special pizza while I was typing that post. mmm mmm good ! Tonight it's my wifes turn to cook, she is making nice simple grilled hamburgers, but they will be on some of my sourdough bread i'm sure, so I guess I can say I cooked part of this as well. It's funny, my wife is an excellant cook and makes many great things but she wouldn't attempt to bake a loaf of bread or a pizza with a ten foot pole, for some reason she thinks bread baking is more of a man thing! I have no idea why, and it works out well anyway, I just find it funny :-)

Mike in New Jersey

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Your pizzas look outstanding! 

 Howard - St. Augustine, FL