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Hello, I'm newbie

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Hello, I'm newbie

Good morning, all!

 I am so excited to find this website. I currently make so-so bread, and it's fine, but I want to make great bread, so I'm hoping to learn a lot from all of you.
I make whole-grain bread, so I think, per the Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book that it is quite different than regular white bread dough, and takes some slightly different techniques. Grew up with a grandmother whose house ALWAYS smelled of that yummy, yeasty bread smell.





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Hello Jonathan!

Nice to meet you : ) Welcome to our community here on the FreshLoaf forum. I learned a lot here and found great, amazing friends as well, and I hope you will find here what you are looking for as well. Good luck!


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Hi Jonathon, I'm new to this forum too. There's a whole grains topic in the forums - I found a lot of those threads helpful! Good luck!