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For science-geek bakers only.

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For science-geek bakers only.

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The Almighty Loaf

I once wrote a high school essay on how sourdough was in fact the key to the Grand Unification Theory, citing the web-like organization of celestial objects' similarities to gluten strands and how the expansion of the universe was not unlike the oven spring of a loaf. My teacher was skeptical.

l e t ' s  s e e  w h o se  l a u g h i n g  n o w

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I used Bread to buy a new mini split heat pump from heatandcool. My credit is only about 550 and I was about to tap myself out for the week when the bread option came up. I applied and was approved, i needed to pay about $175 out of pocket, the shopping cart crashed and they made me pay it off in 90 days but the house is warm and they left me with grocery money. When in doubt about where to buy bread in San Francisco Get Bread rewiews