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Poilâne Style Miche

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Poilâne Style Miche

This one I baked in a Big Green Egg. I can't say how it tastes, it's still warm.

Recipe here:


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Brot, how hot did you bake the bread? I also have a BGE. Gotta’ love that pit!

I haven’t tried it yet for bread,  but plan to try baking bread with a Pizza Porta. That way the top will not need to be lifted in order to load the dough.

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We had made pizza first, and when I placed the bread in the BGE the temp. was close to 500F. I let it drift down to about 400F and baked for approx. 45 min with steam (ice cubes). We usually put the pizza on baking paper and slide it onto a pizza stone. i did the same with the bread.

Give it a try


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Love how your miche looks, really nice.