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Eurodib mixer opinions

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Rivers Rising Bread

Eurodib mixer opinions

Hi there! 

I am running a micro-bakery and as we are scaling up I am looking into 30 qt. mixers. A Hobart is out of our price range, so I am thinking about the Eurodib 30qt mixer (for $1,160). Anyone here use a mixer like this? 

Apparently the bowl is not removable. If you have a mixer like this I'd love to know how you remove the dough from the bowl and how you clean the bowl. Is this feature a pain in the butt for you?

Also, does the single speed work well for you?

I make sourdough rounds, all between 65-75% hydration. We currently mix everything by hand, which is taking a lot of muscle and time. We want the mixer for initial incorporation, but will likely still do s&f for gluten development.

If you have any info on this mixer, or similar styles, I'd love to hear your take. Thanks!