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Steamed buns

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Steamed buns

For the Lunar New Year, aka. Chinese New Year, which was yesterday, i made a batch of steamed buns with sweet black sesame fillings. They were soft and fluffy, except for the age of my flour, which gave a yellowish tinge to it, i think. :)

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Happy Year of the Dog!


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Thanks! :) I love steamed buns too. I've made a baked pork version and a silver thread loaf before. In my place, there's a variety of fillings like sweet lotus paste, black sesame, red bean, BBQ pork, Pork & vege, vegetarian & the local thing, one of my favs :) - kaya (coconut egg jam). I could give the recipe for kaya too.

For the black sesame filling,

1C black sesames (toasted till fragrant)
2/3 C Icing sugar (or castor for crunchy feel)
A few drops of sesame oil
Enough vege oil for smoothness (about 1/2 C or less)

1. Process black sesames and sugar till fine.
2. Add both the oils gradually till a smooth paste is formed.
3. Refrigerate - it will thickens as it chills

For Kaya (Coconut egg Jam)
10 eggs
420ml thick coconut milk, extracted from 2 grated coconuts or use canned
450g sugar (use half palm sugar or half dark brown)
3 screwpine/pandan leaves, knotted (optional)

1. Beat eggs till well mixed but not foamy
2. Add sugar and mix, then the coconut milk.
3. Transfer mixture to a double boiler or bain marie and add the leaves.
4. Continue to stir slowly till mixture thickens to a thick custard. (don't let it boil)
5. Refrigerate. (great on toast too)

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Those are some hot buns. Could you post the recipe you used for the dough?

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Sure. Feel free to multiply or divide the amount, or even use it for other types of rolls.

Makes about 30 palm-sized buns

3C Hong Kong flour (or bleached AP, or 2C Bread Flour & 1C cake)
1 Tbsp instant yeast
1 1/2 tsp Salt
3 Tbsp granulated sugar
2 tsp baking powder
3 Tbsp vege Shortening or vege oil (more authentic - Lard)
1C more or less water

1. Mix flour and dry ingredients well.
2. Add fats and water to make a soft & pliable dough, but not sticky.
3. Knead till smooth and supple. Don't worry too much about developing the gluten. :)
4. Proof till doubled. (about 60 - 90 minutes)
5. Punch dough, and roll into a long sausage, dividing it to 30 pieces.
6. Flatten each piece to a disk, place fillings and gather the sides and pinching it at the top to form a dome-like shape
7. Proof till about 1 1/2 times larger. (about 20-30 minutes)
8. Steam buns for 15 - 20 minutes under mid-high heat.

PS : It's alright to let buns remain steaming under simmering water for 30+ minutes if u want to keep it warm for, dinner, let's say.

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I've just come across Polish pierogis, which are very similar to these steamed buns and I'm looking forward to making them again. Although next time I'd steam some and simmer the rest.

Here's how they turned out:

I'm intrigued by the silver thread rolls. A bit (a lot, really) of googling turned up this recipe:

Just realised this thread is from 2006 - if you're still around, timtune, thanks for posting - and thanks to you, Drzee for bringing it back up!

Cheers, Paul