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Ovencrafters oven plans for sale

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Ovencrafters oven plans for sale

Good day fellow Artisans, 

I have 2 sets on commercial oven plans from Ovencrafters available. 

I have built one of each for my bakery. These ovens are workhorses and produce the best baked goods i have ever encountered. 

The first is a hearth size of 5 x 7 foot and a footprint of 8 x 10. 8 feet. The second second is 6 x 8 foot hearth and a foot print of 8.8 x 11.4 feet. 

The pack includes a wealth of information not only about building and heating the ovens but baking old world breads too.

These plans are for sale. For enquiries drop me a line at 

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Can you tell us more about it?

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The main features are a rectangular baking surface, vertical side walls, and a barrel (cylindrical) roof.   

The cylinder roof is easier than a spherical/dome

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Do you still sell the plans for the 6 x 8 foot hearth oven?

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Yes they are available.