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Whole Berries and Bugs

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Whole Berries and Bugs

OK, do you really want to know?

It’s too late now. The cat is already out of the bag.


All whole grains are subject to bugs and their eggs. The grain is grown in open fields where bugs live and lay their eggs.

I recently discovered both dead and also a few live weevils in my grain. The very best way to find these tiny creatures is to submerge some grain under water. The pest are light and buoyant. They will float to the top and become obviously visible.

I decided to give my improvised shaker a try. It seems not only is the shaker great for sifting grain, but if a 20 mesh (large holes) screen Is used the vibration will quickly remove the pest. After the grain was cleaned it was placed into a plastic bag and stored in the freezer for a few days to kill off anything that remained, especially the eggs.

”The truth sets you free”, but sometimes it’s better not to know. <Laughing out Loud>


TIP - you can freeze the berries for a couple of days and be confident the critters are deceased.

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The trick is to mill the berries before adding them to the water. You’ll never know the difference :-)


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The Almighty Loaf

Aaaaaaaaaaand now I shall always think of this anytime I use fresh flour. *shudders