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100% whole grain tin loaf breakthrough

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100% whole grain tin loaf breakthrough

I'd tried Danny's Approachable Loaf community bake twice and my husband really liked it (I think I still prefer free-form), but I wasn't happy with my tin-baking experience. The loaves just wouldn't get crisp on the sides and the bottom and despite oiling of the tin I'd still need to cut the loaf out of it. I tried baking in a tin using parchment paper this time and the loaf came out with a much better crust on the sides and bottom! I'm pretty proud of this one since I didn't have a scale so I just estimated flour, water, and salt amounts by feel. I didn't measure, but it was some combination of freshly milled spelt and Redeemer wheat. 

Instead of letting the dough proof overnight in the fridge, I just did about 5 hours in the fridge and it resulted in a much prettier loaf. I didn't score it. 


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Mini Oven

Bread zen pure.  Love that crumb shot!

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Looks like you hit the sweet spot for fermentation. 

Re: sticking to tin.  I’ve had the best results when I use a solid fat instead of an oil for greasing the tin. It seems to stay in place better, rather than sliding to the bottom of the tin.  And it seems easier to get full coverage without leaving bare spots. 


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Thanks, Paul. I'll have to try solid fat and see how that works for me. 

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Ilene, that bread is a real winner! It makes me wish I have some in the freezer right now. I’d bust it out and microwave it in a heart beat...

Sticking - I have yet to have one stick badly in the pan. I grease with Crisco (oil should do) and dust the pan liberally with rice flour. They fall out...


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Dusting with flour is a good idea - I don't know why I didn't think of that. It wasn't so much that the sides and bottom of the loaf would stick, but the top of the loaf would go over the sides of the tin creating a muffin top that would stick. 

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Ilene, that is sooooo perfect looking, the crumb is so open and the crust amazing.  You should be super proud especially since you went by your intuition and experience.  Kudos.