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hi from tasmania!

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hi from tasmania!

hello all!

i'm ezra. i'm a 22 year old woman (yes, i'm aware my name is typically a male one!), from tasmania, australia. i've been baking bread as a casual hobby for around three years now. my main experience lies in challah, and have received very good reviews at synagogue. i've just started a sourdough starter, and am excited to delve into the sourdough world. aside from baking i'm an avid home cook and an ancient history student at university.

as i type this i've got a herb and garlic dough (with fresh sage and thyme from the garden!) proofing, to the excitement of my housemates. keep an eye out for pictures, if all goes well! 

thanks for having me and i'm looking forward to all the advice i'll probably be needing.

pic for attention of the first challah i ever baked a few years ago! 

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Loafing Around

Welcome! The herb and garlic bread sounds good.Beautiful picture of your challah. :)

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Welcome! I look forward to seeing the garlic and herb loaf! And a beautiful challah :)