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Dough crawls up the side of the mixing bowl

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Dough crawls up the side of the mixing bowl

Hi everyone!

I’m new here and new to bread making.  The past few times I tried to make bread, I found that the dough would start creeping up the side of the bowl while being mixed.  As a result, it ends up breaking the dough into two pieces.  Has anyone run into this?

I’m using an Oster 12-speed stand mixer with a 4.5 quart bowl.  It has a 350 watt motor. I’m using the dough hook to mix and knead.  It usually starts going wrong after about 1 minute of mixing on low speed.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.  



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Meat5000 (not verified)

When it starts slapping the bowl, its done.

Ive tried a mixer in the past, making pizza dough. I always found it would like to climb the hook. Id stop and push it off. But tearing sounds like theres not enough moisture.

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I had added a little more water to it but maybe not enough.  Maybe that’s why it couldn’t get itself out of the long log shape.  I ended up baking it to see what would happen and it actually came out pretty good.  I’ll try watching the consistency next time I make it.  Thanks!

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If ots breaking after a minute on slow well that would be expected.  If you spin it on slow for about 7 minutes then switch to high for about 5 (depends on you flour type) that should get a fairly decent dough but main issue here seems to be the complaint about it not holding together after a very short time.