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Rye chops & berries

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Peggy Nielsen

Rye chops & berries

Have both rye chops & berries, but no flour. Is it possible to food process the chops into flour? 

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I have a high-powered Vitamix blender.  (It's not a classic "food processor.")  I put "wheat chops" (cracked wheat) in it, 8 oz by weight, and make a coarse flour in 30 seconds.

But with whole berries, they scratch the plastic and turn it cloudy.

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but I usually crack the berries in my KA mill attachment first to minimize the damage to my Vitamix.

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Peggy Nielsen

Thanks. All I have is a regular food processor. Will time help??

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If you also have some pre-milled flour, you can

  1. soak your wheat berries overnight
  2. grind them wet in your food processor into a wet dough,
  3. add regular flour to correct the hydration,
  4. add yeast (or starter) and salt

I tried this a few times with mixed results before I bought my grain mill. The soaked berries grind into a nice, high-hydration whole wheat dough, but making bread from that dough would have been easier if I had any idea how to make bread! In other words, learn to make bread with regular flour first if you can, then explore this option. 

The basic instructions came from someone named Jenica, from a post that is archived here:

I found it was important to soak the berries, to drain them, to do small batches, and to use splashes of ice water in the processor as needed.

Caution: If you don't have a very strong food processor, doing this may destroy it, so be careful and don't let the motor overheat! And please don't ask me to get you a replacement if you do destroy your processor...