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Home Steam Oven Advice

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Home Steam Oven Advice



I have searched around TFL and was surprised not find many posts regarding home steam ovens. If I haven't looked properly, I apologise.

So, I am on the hunt for a new oven, since my current one just died during a bread bake :'(

I've always wanted to get a "steam oven" so I can bake baguettes, sandwich loaves etc. but I'm unsure what type will be sufficient or the correct one.

I've seen "steam-assist", "steam combi", etc. but I'm not sure which is the one I would need. I don't care about steaming other foods. I only want steam for bread baking.

I was wondering if you could offer any advice or a lesson in the differences of these types of steam ovens and which type would be the one I would need. The steam-assist ones are cheap, but will they suffice?





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Meat5000 (not verified)

I made baguettes today. My oven also kept switching off during bake. Most annoyed! Still edible, but not as I would have liked. They would have been great!

My gas supply has gone weak in the last few days; lost pressure!

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I know a fair amount about combi ovens, though not enough about baking bread in one.  I bought a combi when they first hit the home market.  While bread baking was one of may main goals,  mine does not have a bread function, and my results so far have been hit and miss.  Others came out after I bought mine that have an automated bread function and some users have gotten pretty good results - You might want to check one of the combi pages on facebook -   IMO , getting a combi solely to make bread is not necessarily a great idea.  If you are getting a combi as a second oven, it is great - they are usually much smaller than a regular oven, so they heat up very quickly, and they have a reheat feature that adds moisture so you food does not dry out while reheating. As a result, I hardly ever use my regular oven.  There are many threads on combi ovens here  this was from a search on Wolf,  there are other threads on Miele.    For me, my combi does cook solely with steam, with steam and dry convection heat ( called combi mode ) or convection heat.  There is not mode, at least on mine, for heat without the convection, and my guess is that the convection is not helpful for bread baking.  If you find one with a true bake element, that may work much better.  

I used one range,  I can't recall the maker, but it had a label similar to to "steam assist" on it , though it was just a broiler pan that sat at the bottom of the oven, and you added water -  basically the same as people who put water in a pan at the bottom of the oven.    


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Meat5000 (not verified)

I have a deep baking tray that has a wavy pattern in the bottom. Big surface area produces lots of steam when not too much water is put in. The trick with steam is to put your water in something with a lid thats slightly open so a bit of pressure can build and the heat doesnt escape out straight away.

Its like leaving the lid on your boiling potatoes.