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Bosch Universal Plus cheaper in Europe?

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Alex Hunt

Bosch Universal Plus cheaper in Europe?

Is the Bosch Universal Plus a relatively good deal in UK/Europe?

I was looking to buy an Ankarsrum, but at £230 for the Bosch vs £600 for the Ankarsrum, the bosch is pretty tempting:

Am I missing anything here?

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While the price is tempting, I would consider that the Bosch has a motor that is half as strong, and it's mostly made out of plastic (vs. stainless steel in Ankarsrum). I'm sure the Bosch can do stuff and also will last some time (Bosch has a good reputation here in Germany), but for longevity maybe the Ankarsrum is the better investment. I can imagine you can find some used/almost new deals on craigslist, ebay etc.

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Meat5000 (not verified)

You get what you pay for. Bosch are great in the professional ranges of everything. If its cheaper than expected its a domestic range product. Simple as that.

Avoid domestic range if you are looking for a hardcore product that will do whatever you throw at it.

My SWAN Vintage is over 2kW. Just a standard mixer. That bosch is just 800W. I doubt its up to much.