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Proofing Cloths

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Proofing Cloths

In the wake of this pandemic my daughters together decided to learn about sourdough.  They found something online called "Sourdough Bootcamp" and the rest is history... I wanted to help set them up for success, I myself have been making sourdough for the past year and know that there are a few things that make it much easier.  I bought two proofing clothes a while back and if nothing else I like that they never get mixed in with the household laundry, they are for making bread, and I only wash them by hand and hang them to dry.  Anyway before I forget the reason of my query, I tried to buy among other things for the girls some cloths from the supplier I purchased mine from but they are sold out...and then I got to thinking I am a sewing kind of person why don't I just buy the fabric and make them some...and that is where it ends... what is the name of the fabric used in a proofing cloth?  I know mine is a lightweight unbleached cotton fabric...and now that I have been reading I have learned that some people swear by linen and one site said unbleached cotton drill.... 

Any info on this topic would be appreciated.



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It’s longer fibers don’t tangle with the dough nearly as much as the shorter fibers in cotton.  If you google “linen cloth couche”, you'll find lots available. 


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and I still use the same cloths today.  I bought two yards of "unbleached linen" from the local (Jo Ann's) fabric store.  My wife "pinked" them to size for me and zigzagged around the edges on her machine.  They have held up perfectly  and I still have all of them today, and I still use them.  I'd say that 2 yards was too much though.  At the time I made several sizes.  The ones that are about 18" x 20" seem to be the ones that get the most use today, primarily to line bannetons.

Good Luck with it.  I hope you find what you need.