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Pasta Madre (Lievito Madre)

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Pasta Madre (Lievito Madre)

So, I've been making Pullman sandwich loaves with my 100% hydration starter and they are great but the faint sourness is a turn off for some kids.  A friend recommended converting my starter into a pasta madre as the base, since the 'washing' is supposed to reduce/remove the acetic acid.

Unfortunately, the discussions about this are worse that the regular sourdough discussions, imho.  The only consensus I can find is that it's kept room temp at 50% hydration, but times between feeding, using, instructions on washing, are all over the map (or in Italian).

Is there anyone who can point me to a reference work or break this down simply?  I mean, Italian grandmothers did this, so it's not like it's building a nuclear reactor.

Thanks in advance.

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Take a look at my recent blog post  - perhaps it will assist.

Michael Wislon is our resident expert on Lievito/Pasta Madre.



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Our Crumb

Funny you say that.  Michael Wilson posted a link recently to video of a bound Lievito exploding rather violently.  It may not be nuclear science, but they can be nuclear powered.  Panettone can be a heavy lift.

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