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Introduction from China

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Introduction from China

Good morning,

I’m an European living in China for the past 15 years, and yes, the sourdough bug has bitten me as well.  I like baking all things sweet and savory, and have been to pastry / baking school for some first-tier formation on these topics.  Then again, real baking in a home kitchen (and without the instructors being around ;-)) is a long shot from hearth ovens, dough sheeters and temperature-controlled pastry labs.

My interests lie mainly with sourdough and the pursuit of open crumb, and all things croissant and Kouin-Amman.  Having been raised on village-made wood-fired sourdough for my entire childhood, you can imagine how hard it was to transition in later years to industrial breads that have almost the entire periodic table in them. ;-)

I’ve been lurking for a few weeks and I can only congratulate the persons managing TFL, and the community at large, for an informative, positive, friendly site with real insights and great content.

Thanks all in advance for helping me with my headaches :-)

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Look forward to seeing your bakes!