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20200421 Rus's Ukrainian loaf using "Beehive" flour

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20200421 Rus's Ukrainian loaf using "Beehive" flour





Same bread made with CLAS, but using a different flour. 


I'd been a loyal customer of another brand of flour for over a decade, but I felt being ditched during this time when flour is so difficult to source.  So, I "deflected".  Maybe it's about time to change, and I love the new flour!






The color is more even, and the crust is more crackly---I heard the bread "sing" after it's out of the oven. 






 My family loves this bread.  It's going to become one of our staples from now on. 






 No more "begging" for flour from store to store every week!






Rebaked the same bread...






to make sure that the crackly crust I got last time was not by accident.





The result is consistent.






I am very happy with Beehive.



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That is just lovely Yippee.  Benny

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I hope you are safe and healthy.  Take extra care if you are working on the frontline!