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Einkorn in the UK

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Einkorn in the UK

Hi everyone, I am new to grain milling and I would love to give einkorn a go. Could you please recommend a website where I could order some in bulk? Thank you!

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I am sure that you will be well aware of the current shortage of flours here in UK, especially the smaller bags for home baking. Many on line sites are currently unable to cope with the orders and may be closed to new orders for days at a time. 

I would suggest going to Bakerybits if you have not already done so. They normally have a good selection of producers flours in bags of  varying size. Here you would be able to consider the flours of different mills and buy whatever is available.

A few months back I was researching spelt flour here and found that many flours were made from varieties and variations that have been crossed many times with modern wheat varieties. I was looking for a flour that had many of the original qualities and discovered that Gilchesters seemed to me to be the most "authentic" / closest to the original. I buy many of their flours so I would start with their Einkorn and see how you find it. They  do bags of 15kgs, if that is large enough for you. Perhaps you could contact them about current supply and likely delivery time.

I hope this helps.