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Sweet potato brioche

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Sweet potato brioche

I used these buns to make kimchi-brined chicken sandwiches from seriouseats. Honestly the buns might've been better appreciated on their own, though the sandwich turned out pretty sublime.


12 g flour
60 g milk


20 g cooked sweet potato
250 g AP flour
30 g sugar
1 tbs ADY
70 g milk
1 large egg
1/2 tsp salt (omit if using salted butter)
40 g softened salted butter


1. Whisk flour and milk in a saucepan until no lumps remain
2. Cook slurry over med-low heat until it turns into a thick paste, 3-5 mins
3. Mash sweet potato into the tangzhong, will help bring the temp down
4. Combine all ingredients except salt and butter, mix butter and salt together separately for easy incorporation later
5. Autolyse dough for 20-30 mins, dough will be quite sticky
6. Incorporate butter and salt into dough
7. 3 sets of S&F between 30 min intervals
8. Place dough into fridge to cold ferment for 12-72 hours
9. Remove dough from fridge and divide immediately into 4/5 equal balls, shape them and place dough into a greased pan
10. Let rise for 90-120 mins, or until doubled in size and puffy
11. Preheat oven to 350˚F
12. Brush dough with egg wash and bake for 25-30 mins


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The texture on the crumb of that bun is WONDERFUL! Great job and delicious write-up. Thank you!

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Boy does that sandwich ever look inviting.  The colour and softness of the crumb look amazing.


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Thanks Benny, I hope you're doing well! Your loaves look as beautiful as ever.

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Your bun looks melt in the mouth delicious!

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I saw your whole wheat loaf post!! It looked amazing, I tried something similar once and it was a compete flop. I'm glad you liked my brioche!

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Love the sweet and savory combo! As good as it shall be when eaten plain, I imagine it would go well with teriyaki chicken and BBQ pulled pork too.

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Thanks, I hope you're doing good back at home :) I see you're making lots of wonderful food as usual!

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 I decided to have a go at this one and was very pleased with the result, i didnt do any stretch and folds and mixed by hand on the bench and did it all in the same afternoon using fresh compressed yeast.




kind regards Derek

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Wow, I'm so happy to see this. Your loaves look absolutely beautiful. I hope you're happy with them, my recipe was a little loosely documented, so if you remember, let me know the details of your process and what else you changed.

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Hi Tortie-tabby I'm glad you liked my rendition, my dough was made using the following Tangzhong 18g flour and 83g milk  same procedure as for making a roux  bring to a simmer stiring vigorously and making sure it didn' t stick or burn in the pan  then i added 30g Sweet Potato that had been roasted the day before and as it had been in the fridge it cooled the tangzhong down nicely. ( i think the dough would quite easily handle a bigger percentage of SP).

The remaining ingredients  Flour 343g, sugar 20g, malt extract 20g, milk 100g, 1 egg (60g), compressed fresh yeast 11g were bought together  and allowed to sit for 30 minutes. i combined the salt 7g  and 60g butter and added after the dough was developed. I mixed this dough by hand on the bench and when the salt and butter were incorporated it developed silky smooth,  i put the dough into a bowl and did a couple of stretch and folds  and left it to bulk ferment, it had been my intention to  shape and cold retard overnight but the dough moved along so well and suprised me with its vigor so  i had time to bake it  well before bed time. i even got time to have a taste  after it cooled. So very happy with the result and intend doing it again soon. As a footnote  I  went away with my cousin to his vineyard in the Great Southern Wine district here in Western Australia with the appropriate Covid 19 travel  clearance which was checked twice on the way down and once on the way back (660 klm round trip) and there was still one piece of the bun left and it was still nice and soft after almost a week! 

I formulated this dough to give a yield of 750g  which would have been the size required for the banetton or tin that i had, that changed when the dough came through quite quickly and i used three smaller tins that i have.

Kind regards Derek

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Just realised that i had filed my workings for your dough and subsequently mine



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I realized that I never replied, though I did read your comments, I even showed my family! I'm going to be making this recipe again soon, so your input will be really useful.

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No Worries i look forward to seeing your next post