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Advice please

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Advice please

I just made these beautiful brioche loafs the other day. My mixer just barely made it through. I have a kitchen aid professional 600. It started getting hot and smelling burnt before I even finished kneading the bread to my satisfaction. I've had my mixer for years and only used it occasionally until last summer when I was making 9 batches of croissant dough weekly for a farmer's market. Is the ka pro 600 not meant to take that kind of beating?  

The market is cancelled this year because of the pandemic.  I would like to make my family's bread now. I'll probably be making about 4 loaves a week. When the market springs back up the following year I'll be back to making 9 batches of croissants every week from June-September.  I doubt my ka will make it out of the pandemic in tact, but would an ankarsrum be able to handle that much croissant dough? Or do I need to be looking at something else? 


Thank you kindly. Cheers!

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Only using up to speed 2 for dough. What speed were you using? 
You’ll also have to look up how much dough your machine can handle at once and make your batches of dough smaller than that. 
I can’t speak to an ankarsrum as I use a KitchenAid Pro Line but I thought I might help your machine last a tad longer before having to replace it.  

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You did not say how much flour was in each batch, but in general, if the dough will fit in the Ank, it will be able to handle it no problem  .  It is a different design than the KA, and does not get warm as it kneads. 

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Each batch of croissants is 500g of flour. I used all purpose flour and made 3 batches at a time so 1500g. In all the dough ends up weighing 2700g when all ingredients have been added. I mispoke before. We only make 3 batches on a weekly basis and 9 during special events. The machine is supposed to be able to handle 3kg of dough. 

I've always kept the machine at 2 for kneading.