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Hello from Austin, Texas

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Hello from Austin, Texas

This is my first post. I’ve been reading for a while and learning quite a lot. I’m not new to bread baking but I’ve never been able to turn out an acceptable loaf (in my estimation). I’m very determined this time to learn the do it right. I’m interested in whole wheat/multigrain only. Today my wheat berries were delivered and my mill has been here for 2weeks. Thank you for all of the ideas and instructions so far. I’m excited to begin to autolyse, retard and ferment!!!

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Hello from... also Austin, TX! Welcome to TFL! Have you checked out/ordered from Barton Springs Mill? Some awesome grains there!

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Hi LeahT, 

Have been to Austin a few times (kid lives there). And i bake primarily 100% wholegrain bread. Looking forward to seeing your experiments with the new mill and grain!